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Safari in Namibia 2007      Photo Gallery

Why Namibia. We (that is me and my wife) did some reading on the internet and figured out that a Safari in Namibia probably would offer a great experience. Desert landscapes,  fascinating sand dunes, but still an opportunity to see lots of animals. Above all we figured we would spend part of the time in areas not too crowded by tourists. Add a town visit and an off coast boat trip, and  lots of memory cards for the camera are needed.  We were not disappointed.

Travel agency. The trip was organized by Safari Opplevelsesreiser, , Norway.  For the first 10 days we went in a  group of 10 persons, and enjoyed the nice company of our travel mates. Kari and Sigurd, the owners of Safari Opplevelsesreiser, hosted the trip themselves. Their experience and openminded manners was a big plus for the trip.  Also the Namibian organizer, SWA Safaris, and their tour guide  Lucia, did a great job. We extended our stay by 4 days, and continued on our own in a rental car.



Where did we go. First night in Windhoek, Safari Court Court Hotel. Town sightseeing including memorable visit to prime ministers building. Wall paintings presenting Namibia history. Second and third night Namib Desert Lodge. Visits to Namib-Naukluft park, Sossusvlei, Sesriem Canyon. Forth and fifth night in Swakopmund, Hansa Hotel. On the way Kuiseb Canyon, moon landscape, Welwitschia plants. Boat trip off Walvis Bay and close contact to seabirds, dolphins and seals. Sixth night Twyfelfontein Lodge. On the way Rock art, the burned mountain, petrified trees, Ugab terasses. Finger klippe. Then on to Etosha national park, 22 270 km2, including the 130 x 70 km pan. Seventh night at Toshari Lodge,  replacing planned stay at Okaukuejo Rest Camp inside the park. Disappointing , but booking difficult due to renovation of the state owned lodges. Eight and ninth night at Mokuti Lodge. We then got our rental car delivered at the lodge and continued on our own. Two more nights just outside Etosha, at Mushara Lodje. Then on to Mounth Etjo Safari Lodge, near Otjiwarongo, for two nights. Fantastic area even after Etosha. Finally fourteenth night in Windhoek, Safari Court Hotel, before heading home. We were mainly staying on secondary roads, and could be driving for hours without meeting other cars. All the lodges we visited was high-class and had a great service. In hindsight we see that some of the nights spent in more simple accommodation would have given us closer contact to the nature.


Animals gallery Species included : Black Mamba, Black Wildebeast, Blackbacked Jackel, Blackfaced Impala, Blesbuk, Blue Wildebeest, Burchell's Zebra, Bushbuck, Cape Fox, Damara Dik-dik, Elephant, Giraffe, Ground Squirrel, Hartmann's Mountain Zebra, Hippotamus, Kudu, Lion, Oryx / Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest, Slender Mongoose, Springbok, Steenbok, Warthog, Waterbuck, White Blesbuk, White Rhinoceros.


My pictures of the these species did not make it to the gallery this time : Aardwolf, Black Rhinoceros, Karoo Sand Snake, Lizard, Seals, Spotted Hyena



Birds gallery Species included : Cape Cormorant, Cape Glossy Starling, Cape Turtle Dove, Crested Francolin, Egyptian Goose, Grey Hornbill, Kelp Gull, Kori Bustard, Large Yellow Hornbill, Lilacbreasted Roller, Ostrich, Plumcoloured Starling (female), Redbilled Hornbill, Redheaded Finch, Subantartic Skua (?), Swallowtailed Bee-Eater, Vulture (Hooded Vulture ?), White Pelican, Whitebellied Sunbird (female), Whitebreasted Cormorant, Yellow Canary.


My pictures of the these species did not make it to the gallery this time: African Hoopoe, Crimson-breasted Shrike, Flamingos, Greenbacked Bleating Warbler, Grey Heron, Grey Lourie, Helmeted Guineafowl, Marabou Stork, Northern Black Korhaan, Secretary Bird, Weaver



Landscape gallery. Pictures taken along the road and at places visited. Namib Desert Lodge, Sossusvlei, Fingerklippe etc.




Other gallery. Pictures taken along the road and at places visited. Windhoek, Christ Church, Twyfelfontein etc.

Photo equipment and comments:  It makes sense to bring two camera houses, for backup and to reduce lens changing and dust problems. I had Canon EOS 5D and Canon EOS 30D. Lenses, Canon 28-105 f/4 L IS, Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6L IS,  Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L IS. Zoom’s was useful, especially when one can not leave the car/bus and not change position. Still a 300 or 400 f 2.8 prime would have been handy…. Flash, Canon 580 EX with a “Better Beamer” flash extender, was used to fill inn hash shadows and get some catch light. (Melting spots on my flash still reminds me to be careful with the sun and the fresnel lens on the extender). I did not bring along a tripod, and most of the time I did not miss it. A monopod, Feisol CM-1401 with a Bogen / Manfrotto 3232 swivel / tilt head, was quite useful. Dust is a challenge. I missed some small blankets or similar to cover or wrap around the equipment when it was in a seat or in my lap, ready for use. Dust was occasionally removed from the sensor,  using an Artic Butterfly from Visible Dust. The thin brush may seem a bit flimsy, but it was convenient and did the job. Memory cards – a lot of capacity is needed. A storage device, Epson P-2000, allowed me to empty my cards and almost get me the capacity needed. I did not have backup of most pictures, but was in luck … A camera backpack, Lowepro Nature Trekker AW, kept the equipment well protected.


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